Text Chemistry Review – How It Works & How to Implement It?

Considering to buy Amy North dating guide?

This Text Chemistry review will reveal the truth about this program so you can discover what is it about and find if it a scam or a legit program that can solve your love problem.


Living in the era of technology, communicating with each other, including with a man you want, is changing. Back then, we communicate by sending letters through the post office.

Though some still prefer to send letters in this era of technology, sending emails, chatting, texting are the famous ones.

Communicating via texting, you can get the reply quickly in no time. Besides getting to know each other, texting has a different purpose: to flirt with someone you like.

Texting can strengthen the bond between the two of you as well as show how far your relationship goes.

However, there are secrets lie in texting; which you can find in this Text Chemistry dating guide created by Amy North.

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What is Text Chemistry?

Text Chemistry by Amy North

Product name: Texting Chemistry
Author: Amy North
Price: $49.95 Check Promo

As the name says, Text Chemistry is about texting which can make great chemistry between you and the man you love.

If you often get ignored whenever sending him a text, this book provides plenty of options to solve your problem and to make him love you.

Well, Text Chemistry is just like a guidebook; a guidebook to get his attention along with his heart. If you may wonder, this book is not about magic or any rituals you may think.

It is about the psychology of men. Reading the book, you may start to understand how men think.

The most important thing to understand first is that there lie lots of differences between the psychology of men and women.

Since such differences exist, there may be some sort of misunderstanding between men and women.

Thus, it may be the cause for you to be unable to win his heart because you do not understand how men think and how the world of men works.

Reading the book, it is just like entering the men’s brain to understand how they think and feel.

Text Chemistry does not only tell about the importance of attention but also about how to make men paying attention to you and thus become obsessed with you.

Those are done by using the psychological approach. Such a thing can be done just by using some special and specific words.

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About The Author

The author of Text Chemistry is Amy North. She is a relationship coach from Vancouver, Canada. She becomes a specialist in helping women around the world to find and keep the man of their dream.

Amy North

Amy has an online program called Text Chemistry and The Devotion System which have sold about 100,000 copies. Both of them are considered as the best and the most comprehensive dating guides for women.

Amy spent years doing research on the natural relationship between men and women. The program created based on Amy’s experience in dealing with couples and how they communicate with each other in their relationship.

The area of Amy’s expertise includes dating, marriage, breakups, and divorce. It becomes Amy’s passion for creating changes especially in the lives of others.

Becoming a relationship coach, Amy has a degree in Social Psychology from The University of Western Ontario. In addition, she has also completed several coaching courses and seminars.

Having more than five years of experience, Amy still seeks the update and the latest research on the relationship and clinical counseling.

She also becomes a member of LoveLearnings and writes articles on those topics regularly. She has worked with a client locally and globally.

How Does It Work?

Based on our review, Text Chemistry is not only a guideline but also a course. If your man does not give you enough attention, you can change that.

You surely want your man to become closer to you and never ignore your texts, right?

Text Chemistry offers psychological techniques which can make your man dream about you every day. You will drive him crazy and he will chase you down for love.

Text Chemistry helps you to find eternal love and happiness. Following this course, you will also get to know how to talk to your man over the phone.

Using the psychological techniques, your man will constantly want to please you and do anything for you alone to make you smile.

It allows you to use ‘magical’ text messages; messages which have the charm to make your man stood on his knee in front of you.

The good news is that it works for everyone! Every single word, phrase, and sentence you use will make his body pound and make his heartbeats crazily.

Using such text messages will help you to build a good environment of monogamous love between you and your partner.

It means he will love you and only you. You can make it happen just by using text messages!

Being sold nearly 100,000 copies, Text Chemistry has helped lots and lots of women around the globe to find the man of their dreams only by using a mobile phone.

Since it is based on the latest psychological science, it works for every woman out there regardless of the differences may lie.

Reading the course, you will no longer have to suffer from heartbreak, frustration, heartache, and other form of pain.

Following the guide given by Text Chemistry, you will be the object of her devotion. All of his feelings, attention, desires, and emotions will be given to you.

Your man will never ignore you and will respond in a good manner. He will always pay close attention to you as his lover.

To get all of those things, you just need to sit tight and send the text messages. Just simply follow the techniques to send the text messages easily and you will win his heart once and forever.

In addition, you will learn how to make your man to consistently reply to your messages without ignoring it even just for once.

The final result of the course is that you will feel wanted and desired by your lover. It may work easily, but the results are permanent.

What Will You Learn from Text Chemistry?

There are quite many things that you can learn from Text Chemistry. The first one that you can learn is how to use the E-Glow Text.

This text will help you to make your partner’s mind keep on focusing on you and to make him keeps on loving you no matter what.

Next, you can learn a special technique to make him text you as fast as he can every single time you and him are texting each other.

Next, you can learn the way to spice things up whenever you feel that your relationship becomes boring.

Next, you can also learn how to make your partner begs for you to come back. You can also learn the meaning of his text and to give him a passionate text so that he thinks about you every single time.

Then, you can also learn how to make your partner excited to see you and how to make your partner agrees to get married to you.

Next, you can learn how to send cute photos to make him head over heels for you and to prevent him from cheating on you.

The last thing that you can learn is the way to talk to the man that you like on the phone.

What Will You Get?

After you know what will you learn from Text Chemistry, you need to know what will you get from it. Besides the Text Chemistry Book that you can get only for $49.95, you can also get three bonuses from the author.

The first bonus that you will get after you buy the Text Chemistry Book is the “Phone Game” eBook.

This bonus eBook will help you by revealing what your partner find irresistible in your voice and this eBook will also help you on so that you can use a secret technique to get your partner’s full attention.

The second bonus book is the “Why Men Leave” eBook. As you can see from the title of the book, this eBook will help you by explaining the real reasons why your partner leave you even when you both have a good and stable relationship. Not only that but this book can also show you how to prevent your partner from leaving you.

The last bonus book that you can get is the “Quality Men on Tinder” eBook. If you are a regular on Tinder, this eBook will be very perfect for you.

Through this book, you will be able to learn how to create a good profile so that you can attract many handsome and successful men. You can also learn a technique that can make men want to get you.

Pros and Cons

The next thing that you need to know about the Text Chemistry review is the pros and cons of this book.

As you all know, everything in this world has pros and cons including this book. That is why you need to know about the pros and cons so you will not regret ever buying this book.

Now, let’s take a look at the pros. The first thing is that this Text Chemistry Book from Amy North is quite a legit book that will help your dating and relationship.

Unlike other love experts out there, Amy North will help you to solve your dating and relationship issues.

Through this book and programs, Amy can help you looking for the right partner. Aside from the book, you can also look at Amy’s videos to get some better tips.

The second pro is that this Text Chemistry Book is very easy to read and understand. You do not have to think very hard to understand what you need to know about dating and relationship.

All of the tips are also very easy to do. All you need to do is read the book, send the message, and wait for your partner to reply.

The next pro is that this book is very affordable. Although this book is not very cheap, this book is considered affordable as it contains all of Amy’s knowledge and experience.

The fourth pro is that when you buy the book, you will get bonuses that contain all of useful tips and advice.

The last pro is that they will give you a money-back guarantee if you face failure after you do all of the tips in the book. You can also contact them on their official website to ask for general questions.

Now, let’s move onto the cons of this book. The first con of this book is that this book does not guarantee that their tips will work all the time.

Each person will have a different rate of success. Not only on the women’s side, but every man also has a different situation and condition.

That is why they give you a money-back guarantee if you fail to get the man of your dreams in 60 days.

The next con is that this book does not guarantee that you will have a long-term relationship. The one thing that you need to know is that in order to get into a successful long-term relationship, you have to go through many things.

Text messages like in the book are only a part of the things. Usually, some say that only those who are best friends will be able to have a long-lasting relationship.

The last con is that this book is not a physical book. You will only get eBooks when you buy this course, no hardcover book version.

Final Verdict

The final verdict of the Text Chemistry Review is that overall, this book contains many useful tips and advice that can help you to improve your relationship.

If you want to get the man of your dreams or to spice things up in your relationship or even to know how to prevent your partner from cheating on you, then this book is definitely perfect for you.

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